In the morning, I get up early on 6:30 and eat my first breakfast in home's family.

I eat two piece of toast with water because we are waiting for someone who is our roommate.

So we quite late to bus stop.

Fortunately, when we arrive school, we still have 10 more minutes.

Because we are the first time to this language school, so we have to take testing that can know our level.

When testing is finished, the school director introduce EF school to us and their staff in the school.

In the afternoon, we have a tour to city center of Manchester.

On the way to city encter, we have pass through the University of Manchester.

It's a really big university. city center is a shopping paradise. There are many different things in the city center.

Maybe we will go back to there to shopping again because it's too big to can not pass through overall.

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