I have to go to school to take the timetable of course.

On the way to school I walk 10 minutes to high street and take bus NO.157 to school.

It's the first day I take bus by myself, so I'm a little bit nervous. Because in Manchester, when you take bus, you must say which bus stop  you will get off in addition to I'm not really sure when do I should press stooping ring.

So I have a help from coach driver. "Can you call me when the bus stop is arriving?"

The driver are very kind and warmhearted in Manchester. When I arrive school and obtain my time table which is awful with class schedule.

I have the first class at 11:45, but the place where I am is "school". So I still have to wait 3 hours to get my first class. Because this reason, I go to Sainsbary's which is a chain of supermarket with my friends.

It's a large super market with variety of merchandise.

When we finish the first class, and then we  go to SubWay for our lunch.

The time is very tight to us because there still have 2 classes in afternoon.

Today is a busy day and we must adapt to our own class schedule!!!!

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  • 大哥 你缺好多天日記咧 哈 還有要上傳照片壓
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  • Take bus yourself<br />
    wow, that's cool!