RFQ had make a date to exchange cheque into cash at 10 o'clock on today's morning.

 But my passport is give teacher that can safe keeping, so I must go to school to take back my passport from Teacher.

Teacher is coming school at a quarter to ten, so I'm late for date with FQ.

The time is near 10 o'clock when I arrive Piccadilly Garden, F is the first one to bank and Q is the last one.

Then we start to exchange the cheque, because my poor listening skill to lead to that I don't know what the attendant says.

When we exchange successfully, we go back to school and wait for our first class.

There are many new comers to join our class today that class has full gains.

After class, we go to Sainsbury's to buy something which are we needed, and then, we go home individually.

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