In the morning, RFQ has a date to TSB banck to exchange cheque into cash for our London Trip at 10 o'clock.

But I am late for this date, because I get up late at 9 o'clock. I prepare my postcard which is I write at yesterday night and I will go to poast office which is the nearest to my home to send it !

The next bus will coming at fourteen minutes past ten, so I am late for our dat definitely.

When I arrive Piccadilly Garden, the time is near a quarter to eleven. Idon't see any members of RFQ in there, so I just to change cheque by myself and take bus NO.142 go back to language school when I exchange successfully.

F and Q are in school when I go to school's restaurant. Q says she didn't go to TSB to exhange because of she forgetting, but F had exchanged by herself.

Then we start to our first class, we have lunch in school's restaurant and talk about the Tour schedule of London with teacher. 

When finish our lunch, we take today's last class and in the end of class a few minutes, Suddenly, the fire alarm is ringing.

We run away from class room slowly, because we have a lot things must to clear away. It's an exercise to protect every- one have alert to escape from school when fire happend.

After class, RFQ go to Piccadilly Garden to exchange cheque, shopping in China Town and go to skate board to see sombody are take skateboarding.

Today is a nice day !

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