In the morning, I go to language school with my Chinese roommate who is called Kevin.

We take bus NO.44 which is driving the different route to school, when we arrive, we eat breakfast firstly, but I just order a cup of hot chocolate to warm up my body.

There is a cold weather in the morning, this is the reason why I take this choice.

Today's lecture course is about Animation of Manchester, it's very boring to us, so we just to play truant during the intermission.

We go back to school's restaurant for our lunch and wait for next class at five to two for iLab course to surf the Internet.

When we finish tody's class, F and I take the bus NO.142 to Piccadilly Garden for my weekly bus ticket which is invalid.

Because Q will go back to home to wash her clothes, so she don't come City Centre with us.

We go to China Town to buy something and to compare price of goods. There are three supermarkets in that area which are called 永發行、和生行and恒運行.

The price of goods in three supermarkets are different to each other, so you must make sure what kind of merchandises you want to buy, then go to crrect supermarket.

Due to I want to eat Plum, so I spend 65 pennies for 甘草梅.

We pass through a grocery store and I glance at two pieces of post card spend me 70 pennies, because I ready to use them to write the message to my family and relation.

Finally, we go back home individually!

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